Supporting La Pine Rodeo

Help Keep the Rodeo Going!

Even with our Board members and many others volunteering large amounts of time to keep the La Pine Rodeo continuing every year our little rodeo still relies largely on donations to ensure that the La Pine Rodeo will continue for generations to come!

There are three different ways to donate.

You can Venmo our LPRA account by scanning our QR code below or finding our username @

Secure credit card payments our accepted through our partner site donorbox, simply click the donate button below to get to it!

You can also send in a check to the La Pine Rodeo Association (LPRA) PO Box 674 La Pine, OR 97739

The LPRA is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) association and your donation is tax deductible. 

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We thank you so much for helping keep the La Pine Rodeo going for years to come!

Become a "Friend of the Rodeo!"

We are excited to offer you a new opportunity, as a “friend” of the La Pine Rodeo. We are asking for your support and hope that you will consider a donation in aide to the success of our upcoming event. As a supporter, you will receive recognition as a “Friend of the La Pine Rodeo” with your name or business being listed on our website and a banner at the rodeo grounds you can choose to remain anonymous.  June 1st is the cutoff date to be on the banner for the coming rodeo but donations are happily accepted anytime!

For questions, please call or email us at 

Thank you for your consideration and support.